Hi! I am so happy and grateful you are here! I am assuming your a health lover like me if your here, and if not I hope to convert you! I am so excited to finally start my blog. It only took me like 4 years! I could give you endless excuses as to why I haven’t done this until now, but to be honest it likely all boils down to fear. Fear of failing, fear that no-one will read it, i really don’t know exactly what I was afraid of but I’m in a place now where I’m letting that go and taking steps forward! And honestly, who cares if no-one read it, I’m sharing my knowledge to try and make this crazy world a better place and if all it does is allow me to vent, so be it!

I will be sharing my insights and ideas on holistic nutrition, fitness and wellness. I have gained a ton of knowledge over the past 10 years+ and want to share it with you! Nutrition and movement are both such critical parts of my life and I want to help others embrace a lifestyle where those aspects are important too!

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